Earth Drive is characterized by a visceral and cathartic heavy sound.

The Portuguese band from Montijo formed in 2007 and went through several prestigious venues and festivals from the underground scene, such as the Festival Reverence Valada, Under the Doom IV Edition, Sprint to Rock festival, VOA Heavy Rock Festival, Woodrock festival, Stonefest, Halloween Rock Fest, Festival Musica na Aldeia, Festival Sons no Montijo, Stairway Club, Sabotage Club, Penicheiros, Timila das Meias, Bota´baixo, Smash Café,Time out, Fábrica da Música fest, Hard Club, Woodstock 69, Cave Avenida, Barracuda, Marginália, Cine Incrível Almadense, Side B Rocks, DRAC and a lot more cool places. .

The band also shared stages with well known national and international bands from the underground scene such as Sasquatch, Steak, Crippled black Phoenix, Glowsun, Isaak, Radar man from the Moon, Planet of Zeus, Spectral Haze, Ecstatic Vision, Acid Mess, The Grand Astoria, Yossi Sassi, Wet cactus, It was the Elf, My Master the Sun, Process of Guilt, The Black Wizards, The Quartet of Whoa, Basalto, Sinistro, Vircator, Riding Panico, Her Name was Fire, Quelle Dead Gazelle, Dream Circus, Son of Cain, Heavy Cross of Flowers, Sun Mammuth, Wells Valley, Earth Electric, Desert Smoke, Desert Mammoth, Burn Damage, For the Glory, Switchtense, The Year, Inhuman, Marbles, Astrodome, Granada, Moes Implosion, Low Torque, Anarchicks, Dollar Llama, Stones of Babylon, Moloch, Melgazarra, No Tribe, Jesus the Snake, Juseph, Névoa, Serrabulho, and many others great bands..

Earth Drive has already been honored with the award for the 2017 Alternative Metal Album for the record “Stellar Drone” through World of Metal magazine (Issue # 13 page 174) and deserved honorable mentions at LOUD! Magazine “One of the most brilliant projects of the current national underground” - José M. Rodrigues | LOUD ! nº202. “ We are undoubtedly facing one of the best national albums of the year” - Eliana Berto | MUSICA EM DX -28/12/2017

Via Raging Planet, Earth Drive released "Planet Mantra" in 2015 and their first album “Stellar Drone” came out October 20th of 2017.

With "Stellar Drone" the band continued the journey through earthly landscapes and cosmic influences with contrasts of sonic textures, ancestral drones and monolithic sound walls.

Assuming a character of a warm saturated environment and atmospheric tones Earth Drive still insist on a heavy groove maintaining a visceral and cathartic density.

Earth Drive second album "Helix Nebula" was released 13th March 2020, once again by the Portuguese label Raging Planet.

Helix Nebula is the band second LP, where in addition to their traditional cosmic and psychedelic influences they explore in a more refined way the potential of their raw and powerfull sounds with warm, saturated and ambiental visceral tones. Earth Drive identity, beside their power and loudness, always have a strong atmospheric component, and in this record you still feel intense vibrations of immersive and meditative textures. The spatial effects, heavy tones and ritualistic atmospheres creates a futuristic and saturated aesthetic making this record a remarkable experience to let ourselves flow and travel within ourselves. The band is currently working on the next record.